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Water Boiler Mat

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  • Materialplastic, cotton, sponge


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Mattress system

01. Application of memory form
Maximization of sleeping efficiency by applying memory form to high quality products.
The mattress can be folded without damaging its function.

02. Durable silicone hose resistant to heat pressure and water
The hose is used for circulating water and is made of durable silicone resistant to heat, pressure and water.

03. The effect of pressure reduction by memory form
The effect of pressure rreduction distributing body pressure evenly.

04. Use of functional cover

  • Use of bamboo charcoal pigment cover, which has an outstanding effect for atopy treatment
  • Relaxation effect
  • Deodorization
  • Skin care effect
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding effect
  • Water absorption and water purification effect
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Far-infrared ray effect

Product Specification

  • Product type : Hot water mat
  • Mat size : On the basis of queen size 1,450mm x 2,000mm
  • Weight : About 7Kg[pad+boiler(including water)]
  • Mat thickness : About 4cm
  • Hose length : Exclusive yellow soil hose for 36m hot water boiler, Parallel structure considering human body
  • Heating method : Pump circulation method through indirect heating
  • Mat temperature : Maximum 70°C(proper temperature : 45~55°C)
  • Water amount : About 1.4L(including mat, heater and pump), boiler 680cc and mat 720cc
  • Raing voltage : AC220V 50~60Hz
  • Power consumption : 300W
  • Motor : lowered center, low noise
  • Electric fee : About KRW 4,000 a month on average
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