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Water Boiler System

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Water Boiler System

  • Separation of heating unit and hot water storage unit.
  • Hot water heating time : 20 minutes(the shortest time for heating water in boiler unit)
  • Automatic bubble and air discharge function.
  • The smallest water consumption by separating boiler unit and auxiliary water unit.
  • Application of impeller-type circulation motor, whose noise is less than 30db
  • Reduction of electric fee by using 300W for heater power.
  • Application of exclusive pressure proof knitting yam hose for boiler.
  • Maximum length : 36m.
  • The largest heating area in Korea.
  • High reliability by applying 5 safety devices.

① Operation device : boiler operation and stop button
②Temperature increase : increases water temperature(by 1°C)
③ Temperature decrease : decreases water temperature(by 1°C)
④ Timer : selects among 8 hours, 12 hours and continual operation
⑤ Indication window : indicates, water temperature, time and error code
⑥ Stabilization function : disconnects power when main body falls down.

Analogue type model


Mattress system

  • Application of memory form
    Maximization of sleeping efficiency by applying memory form to all products.
  • The effect of pressure reduction by memory form
    The effect of pressure reduction distributing body pressure evenly
  • Use of functional cover

    • Use of bamboo charcoal pigment cover, which has an outstanding effect for atopy treatment
    • Relaxation effect
    • Deodorization
    • Skin care effect
    • Electromagnetic wave shielding effect
    • Water absorption and water purification effect
    • Antibacterial effect
    • Far-infrared ray effect